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Charcoal - (2) Lightroom presets

Charcoal - (2) Lightroom presets - EZ PRESETS

Charcoal - (2) Lightroom presets

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Charcoal Lightroom Presets focuses on high contrast images.
Bring out the badass that highlights your photo.
2 Intense presets that will make your photos look like a photoshoot! 
It Works Amazingly With Fashion, Lifestyle, Artistic And Urban Content.
Make your Instagram feed stand out and have a nice flowing color theme
◾ 2 presets with different light settings.
◾ Amazing for fashion, artistic and urban photos.   
◾ Lifetime Purchase - buy it ONE time for a LIFETIME

◾ Unlimited Use

◾ Instant Download

 Used by a free editing app Lightroom mobile


*take into consideration that there will be cases the preset will not perform as your willing. every photo is being shot with different cameras and different ISO, and shutter settings and it has an effect on the result.  

**Due to the nature of digital products returns or refunds are not applicable. 
For issue support contact on - contact@ez-presets.com
and we will try to resolve the issue. 
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